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Professor Gaetano Bloise

Email: gaetano.bloise@uniroma2.it 
Phone: +39 06 7259 5691

Office:  P2 S21  (2nd floor, CEIS sector, room n. 21)                

Program Manager

Dr Valentina Vaiuso

-She is on Smart Working Mondays and Fridays,

and she is available on Teams at 9.30 am - 12.30 pm, and at 3.00 - 3.40 pm.-

Phone: +39 06 7259 5711

Office: room 1-3 B 1 (third door on the left side), corridor B (DMD administration), floor 1, Building B. 


For urgent matters please contact both the Director and the Program Manager.

Department of Economics and Finance
School of Economics
"Tor Vergata" University of Rome
via Columbia, 2 - 00133 Rome (Italy)


ViPS Committee - Visiting, PhD program and Seminars 

Prof. Andrea Attar
Prof. Gaetano Bloise
Prof. Eloisa Campioni
Prof. Luisa Corrado
Prof. Stefano Grassi 
Prof. Stefano Herzel
Prof. Alessandra Pelloni
Prof. Tommaso Proietti

PhD School and General Administration Office

Giovanni La Rosa, Officer (Head of the Office)
Luca Bassi, Dissertation Assistant (PhD final examination procedure)
Paolo Daya Singh Corsini, Officer Assistant (agreement and relation with third parties)
Lorena Gerosi, Officer Assistant (visiting, scholarship, certificates)
Serena Sposato, Officer Assistant (International Students Enrollment Assistant)

Building H, Floor 0, Room 8
Address: via Cracovia 50 - 00133 Rome
Office hours: Monday and Friday 10 am-12 pm, Wednesday 9 am-12 pm and 2-4 pm.

PhD Student Representatives in the Department Committee

Dr Roberto Pezzuto 
Dr Federico Roscioli

International Students Office

Angelina De Benedictis (Head of the Office)

Fabio Montani, Silvia Neri, Germana Vatta

Address: via Cracovia 50 - 00133 Rome
Office hours: Mon and Fri 9 am-12 pm, Wed 9 am-12 pm and 2-4 pm

Welcome Office

Florinda Magliulo and Marco Tirone

Building C, Room C1.01
Address: via Cracovia 50 - 00133 Rome
Phone: +39 0672592817

Accountability Officers for PhD students:

- Mobility and Research Funds:

Carla Lisi
Department of Economics and Finance
via Columbia n.2 - 00133 Roma

- Scholarships and fees: 

Roberto Verrelli
General Administration
via Cracovia n.50 - 00133 Roma