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2022/2023 application windows

1° semester intake
  • 21 Feb - 30 June 2022: Non-EU applicants
  • 21 Feb - 30 September 2022: EU and EU-equated applicants    
2° semester intake
  • 23 Jan - 28 Feb 2023: applicants holding an Italian degree


Admission procedure

2022/2023 a.y.

The admission procedure consists of an online application to be completed with all required information and documents by the set deadlines (see deadlines section). Neither paper applications nor incomplete applications will be considered.

Before starting the online application, candidates must carefully check the admission requirements (see admission requirements section) to match their academic background and English knowledge with the Master of Science in Business Administration eligibility criteria.

Only candidates who successfully complete the online application - attaching all the required documents (pdf format) - and pay the application fee by the specified deadlines and conditions (payment validation) are admitted to the selection procedure. Candidates who will miss one of the previous steps will not be considered.

The application fee is € 30,00 and is not refundable.

IMPORTANT: At the end of the assessment procedure, the system will generate a pdf file, including the payment receipt with all the information you will be required to provide to complete the payment. You must keep with care this information and then validate the payment to be evaluated by the Committee (after the payment, you must enter again on the assessment platform using your fiscal code and CTRL - both available on the pdf file you receive at the end of the assessment procedure - and VALIDATE the payment).



Candidates will be notified of the Admission Board's decision by e-mail within one month after the application completion and payment validation.

PLEASE NOTE: it is the candidates’ responsibility to verify that all required documents are correctly uploaded online.

After carefully reading the " admission " section, you can start with the procedure by clicking the Apply Now button below.


Admission requirements

General Admission Process: Selection is based on academic standing, CV,  level of knowledge of English language.

1. A three-year undergraduate degree, with a grade above 80% for international degrees and a grade above 88/110 for Italian degrees, belonging to the  course classes (according to the Italian Ministerial Decree D.M. 270/04):

L-16 Administration and Organisation Sciences L-18 Economics and Management L-33 Economics Or an equivalent Italian qualification running under the previous degree programme system or any other qualification  issued by a non-Italian University, deemed valid. The Admission Committee will evaluate the correspondence between the international degree and the Italian course classes.

For undergraduate degrees not belonging to the course classes mentioned above or not considered equivalent,  the  student must have obtained, by the date of the application, a total amount of 48 ECTS credits in the specific scientific-disciplinary sectors (SDS) such as:

Business SDS (at least 12 ECTS credits)

Economics SDS (at least 12 ECTS credits)

SECS-P/07 Business Administration
SECS-P/08 Economics and Management
SECS-P/09 Corporate Finance
SECS-P/10 Business organization
SECS-P/11 Financial Institutions Management
SECS-P/01 Political Economics
SECS-P/02 Economic Politics
SECS-P/03 Public Finance
SECS-P/05 Econometrics
SECS-P/06 Applied Economics
SECS-P/12 Economic History

Law SDS (at least 6 ECTS credits)

Mathematics-Statistics SDS (at least 6 ECTS credits)

IUS/01 Private Law
IUS/04 Commercial Law
IUS/05 Economic Law
IUS/07 Labour Law
IUS/09 Institutions of Public Law
IUS/10 Administrative Law
IUS/12 Tax Law
IUS/13 International Law
IUS/14 European Union Law
IUS/15 Civil Procedural Law
MAT/09 Applied Research
SECS-S/01 Statistics
SECS-S/03 Economic Statistics
SECS-S/06 Actuarial and Financial Mathematical Methods

For international undergraduate degrees the Admission Committee will evaluate the correspondence between  the Italian scientific-disciplinary sectors mentioned above and the disciplinary field of exams taken in the non-Italian University.

Candidates do not need  to be graduated before the application deadline, however:

  • non-EU candidates must be graduated before starting the pre-enrolment procedure at the Italian diplomatic Authorities;
  • EU candidates may graduate by September in order to join the programme


2. Certified knowledge of the English language at B2 level (Common European Framework). Learn more

Required documents

Students will be evaluated by the Admission Board only when they have filled in the on-line application form and uploaded all the documents listed below (pdf format), after the application fee payment and  validation:

English language Knowledge

English language certificate at B2 level or medium of instruction certificate related to the undergraduate degree issued by the home university. The certificate must be submitted upon completion of the application form.


Curriculum vitae

in English (any format). The Admission Board will evaluate the information included in the CV and verify the applicant's overall profile, experience and knowledge;

Transcript of records

in Italian or in English, including a list of the completed exams and marks in the undergraduate degree. Please include a table explaining the grading system used by the home university which indicates the minimum and maximum achievable scores.

In addition to these documents, candidates may decide to upload a motivational letter as well as a reference letter.

Once the application is complete, the application fee has been paid and validated, the Admission Board will evaluate it within 4 weeks and the candidate will be notified by email of the results.

The selected  applicants will  receive  the Formal Acceptance Letter.


*Student Record:

    Tor Vergata students, who are yet to graduate, can provide a screenshot of the Delphi page including the total list of completed exams and the GPA average (media voti).

    Tor Vergata Graduates can either request the Segreteria Studenti to provide them with the "Certificato di Laurea per uso ufficio" or provide a self-certification (autocertificazione) including the list of exams.

Pre-enrolment procedure (international degree)




September 30, 2022
  • Italian and EU applicants
  • Non-EU applicants with residency in Italy
  • Foreign applicants holding an Italian degree and a valid residence permit

June 30, 2022

Non-EU Applicants