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Regolamento esame

In order to pass the exam, students have to study the lecturer's slides, which are sent to students via email.

Students will receive a folder with further materials, useful not for the exam but for executing business operations relating to international trade.


Attendance and Exam

Lectures will be provided in the classroom in traditional face-to-face teaching.

Only students attending at least 80% of the scheduled lectures (that is 5 out of 7) will be allowed to obtain the 3 credits valid for the Extra-Activities.

In order to obtain the 3 credits for the extra activities, students are required to pass an oral exam based on 3 questions aimed at verifying the knowledge and abilities stemming from their participation in the seminar.

The first question is on the theoretical part of the course (the first lesson), the second question on the part relating to export techniques (all other lessons), and the third on the search of data contained in official websites providing useful information for the management of an export operation, as explained during the teaching.