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Updated A.Y. 2023-2024

Introduction to the seminar of International Trade

The teaching is aimed at providing students with the ability of understanding and implementing concepts, knowledge, know-how, tools, good practices relating to international trade, from the macroeconomic point of view, as well as from the operational perspective necessary at business level.

At the end of the seminar, the participants, thanks to the interactive relationship with the lecturer, and to internet surfing, should be able to use the most important means available in the framework of international trade, so as to carry out a set of tasks and activities for companies and public institutions, or anyway to be ready to tackle them.

A special focus will be devoted to practical needs for companies engaged in international trade, especially those relating to markets assessment, international marketing strategies, international negotiations, international contracts, international payments and guarantees, international transportation.

In all those fields, problems and solutions will be examined, as well as connected aspects will be considered, such as the protection of intellectual property rights.

In short, the seminar will deliver skills and know-how requested for the export manager position, which is often a vacant position in the 130.000 exporting Italian companies, and in the millions of exporting enterprises around the globe.



Lecture 1

Concepts of globalisation, internationalisation, principles of trade rules and Wto agreements 

Lecture 2

Market assessment and Business Intelligence 

Lecture 3

International marketing strategies 

Lecture 4

International negotiations 

Lecture 5

International contracts 

Lecture 6

International payments and guarantees 

Lecture 7

International transportation and Incoterms 


Registration and Deadline

Students interested in participating in the course are required to complete the online form provided by the MscBA programme office, which can be obtained by clicking on the link here below.

Register here:  Application form

The deadline for registration is 16 February 2024



In order to pass the exam, students have to study the lecturer's slides, which are sent to students via email.

Students will receive a folder with further materials, useful not for the exam but for executing business operations relating to international trade.


- Wto ebook;

- Ebook "Il business plan per l'internazionalizzazione" (The business plan for enterprises internationalisation), editor FiscoeTasse (Maggioli Editore), author Massimiliano Di Pace, Isbn 9788891640680, February 2020 (in Italian language).



 Lecturer’s email: dipace.max@libero.it