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Regolamento esame

The final exam will consists in a written exam necessary to evaluate th level of knowledge of the topics thaught during lectures.
The task consisting of different questions and exercises based on the topics covered during classes.
During the course students participation will be evaluated too. Students will have the chance to accumulate up to 6 points taking assignments.
Students will be evaluated on scale between 0-30.

The course is passed with a minimum grade of 18 which represent barely sufficient knowledge and understanding of the topics with possible imperfections.

21-23: Routine knowledge and understanding of the topics; correct analysis and synthesis skills with coherent logical argumentation.

24-26: Fair knowledge and understanding of the topics; good analytical and synthetic skills.

27-29: Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the topics; Considerable ability to analyse, synthesise. Good autonomy of judgement.

30-30L: Excellent level of knowledge and understanding of topics. Remarkable analytical and synthetic skills and independent judgement.