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FB Pre-exam 2019 grades

Monday 18 November 2019

Dear Students,

we have just uploaded the Pre-Exam 2019 grades.

Please remind you to enroll yourself in the Delphi system for registering the grades on the booklet on December 18.

Best wishes

LG & Co.

Students admitted to the pre-exam.

Monday 28 October 2019

Dear Students,

Below, the sudents admitted to the pre-exam.

1 Back Kimberley
2 Barakat Ahmad
3 Bubnarova Dominika
4 Caponigro Valeria
5 Capriotti Eugenio
6 Castellanos Irene
7 Cecchini Lorenzo
8 Costa Ines
9 Coulier Quentin
10 Dabrowska Justyna
11 De Schrijver Ellen
12 Eric Derudder
13 Filipchuk Valeriia
14 Hahn Marius
15 Hartwich Tina
16 Leite Theresa
17 Margaux Dua
18 Marine Friedrich
19 Mathews Benjamin
20 Miranda Silvana
21 Nofal Merfat
22 Saglam Gorkem
23 Shahi Tarun
24 Shdmurodou Dilmurod
25 Sieber David
26 Skrypchenko Nataliya
27 Thiemann Elisabeth
28 Vereecke Charlotte

Best wishes,

Luca & Co.

Team Projects

Sunday 27 October 2019

Dear Students,

Below, the evaluation of the Project Works

Team Name - Rating of the Project Work
Al forno caffè s.r.l. - +3

We remind you that the grade is valid only for students who have uploaded the file on the Google Classroom platform.

All the best,

Luca & Co.