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Updated A.Y. 2019-2020

The course addresses the contemporary debate about the transition of the capitalism into a more inclusive and sustainable system.

The main objective is to clarify how to reshape the socio-economic relations among the key actors of the socio-economic arena: PA, business, finance and society. 


The course is focuses on 3 main topics:
1) Social Enterprise

2) Social Impact

3) Social Innovation


The first topic is composed by the following key concepts:

Birth, evolution and definition
The economic sustanability of SE:  the Area Case Study
Value chain
Collaborative relations
The intellectual capital of SE
IGA and Fundraising

The second topic is composed by the following key concepts:

Social Impact Theories
Measuring the social Impact Readiness: IS^2 Early Stage
Measuring and Evaluating the social Impact: IS^2 Advanced
Outcome based Contracting (hard and soft outcomes)
Social Impact life cycle (projects and programmes)
Social Impact Finance (SIBs)

The third topic is composed by the following key concepts:

Case Study:Italian Fund for Social Innovation
Social Innovation theories
Open Impact