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To take an exam, students will have to book the exam date, select it on the Delphi system, and be present on the exam day.

How to book an exam

  • Visit the Delphi system at https://delphi.uniroma2.it/totem/jsp/index.jsp?language=EN
  • Select Student Section
  • Select Enter in the section Personal Page (on the left side) and enter your enrolment number (matricola) and password. Now you are in your personal area.
  • Select Examination Booking, then click on Book Examination
  • If your desplayed e-mail address is correct, click on Next

Now you will see displayed 4 options:

  • sort by examination (list of exams is displayed in alphabetical order)
  • sort by the teacher (list of exams is displayed in alphabetical order)
  • search examination (you are asked to enter at least 4 characters)
  • search teacher (you are asked to enter at least 4 characters)

Select the option you prefer, find the exam and the exam date (you may find more than one date) you intend to book and click on Book (on the right side) and on Confirm Booking after checking the information related to the exam.

Now you have successfully completed the procedure.

IMPORTANT: Exams will close for booking  4 days before the exam date.


All students must present their student booklet to sit for exams.