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Alumni Meetings

Alumni can be privileged interlocutors for issues of exchange of opportunities and knowledge, deepening and updating of skills, as well as career advancement and career goals.

Edition 2018/2019

Being part of the Alumni this year means that BNP Parisbas, CandriamCredit SuisseMorningstar and Posteitaliane are giving to all of us the possibility to be interviewed during the ALUMNI Day. Read more

Edition 2017/2018

Protagonists of the event have been some of the successful Alumni of our 9 editions, who witnessed their experience and provided useful information and advice to current students in the development of their career path: Sara Mariotti, specialist at Deutsche Bank London, Edoardo Cilla, employed at the London office of the Vanguard investment company and Sofonias Alemu Korsaye, PHD student at the Swiss Finance Institute.

During the event Prof. Giuseppe Novelli, Rector of the University of Rome Tor Vergata, congratulating for the achievements, reminded us of the importance for our University for developing networking and internationalization.

The event has been a moment of encounter between students, graduates and professors. Proud of the success of the first meeting, the goal is to build a solid and lasting relationship with alumni by organizing activities, and initiatives to foster interaction and networking.