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MathWorks is a privately held American corporation that specializes in mathematical computing software.

Its major products include MATLAB, which provides an environment for programmers to analyze and visualize data and develop algorithms.

“In finance, you only truly understand the theory after you implement it in code and run that code on data to see what it produces—all of which our students do in MATLAB. We know this approach is much appreciated by the industry because our graduates find jobs quite easily.”

Prof. Stefano Herzel, Tor Vergata University of Rome

How Finance and Banking Students Acquire Marketable Programming and Asset Pricing Skills

Stefano Herzel, professor of mathematics for economics and finance at Tor Vergata, teaches two courses that are very relevant to the master’s program: Coding for Financial Applications and Asset Pricing. By using MATLAB®, Herzel has improved learning outcomes by implementing an intuitive, hands-on approach to lectures and assignments.