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ENEL Challenge

► Students work in a team to develop an innovative business project
► The best projects are selected for presentation at the ENEL Trading Room
ENEL Challenge 2022
Risky winter in the Italy-France interconnection

In 2020 and 2021 France imported around 500 GWh of power from Italy: this was an exceptional phenomenon since the "normal" condition is that Italy is a net importer of power from France. This is one of a kind but, in a particular tight scenario, that could happen during winter time. This reverse flow is reasonable that might persist in the future years. What happens in this new scenario? How can we manage these new (and unexpected?) risks?

11 April at 11:00am

Business case presentation by ENEL

Room S9 and via Microsoft Teams

by 12 April

Communication of the student groups + Curriculum Vitae

Students interested in participating should take it upon themselves to form groups with their classmates (3-4 members per group). Each group should designate a group representative who will email to the Program Office to communicate the group members’ details (name, surname and email contact) and attacching also the Curriculum Vitae of each member.

by 3 May

Projects submission

Deadline for projects submission to ENEL trading group.

13 May

Presentation of the best projects

Top selected groups will present their project at the ENEL headquarters in Rome (or online, depending on circumstances).

Past Editions

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