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Quaranta Nicoletta

Class of 2012/2013

Manager - Technology Transformation (TechBridge&PPM) at PwC Italy


"I got my MSc in Finance and Banking in 2014 with a final dissertation on “Idiosyncratic volatility in cross dimensional CSR”. From November 2013 until May 2014, I was Analyst intern at the Italian Ministry of Interior in the Management of Public Funding area. From April 2015, I am cooperating with Tor Vergata School of Economics, in the analysis of papers and models used in the estimation strategies related to Corporate Social Responsibility and Civil Finance. I am currently working as Process Analyst for the Unicredit Business Integrated Solutions in Milan and Munich. I’m responsible for the analysis and re-engineering of ICT industrial process; monitoring and delivery of remediation actions for process related findings raised by national and international regulatory Institutions; design of interfaces among industrial process within ICT framework, management of cross initiatives connected to the process, design concept and solutions for the operational risk assessment model."