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Rahimli Sarkhan

Class of 2011/2012

Advisor to CEO at Avrora Group of Companies


"I have a particular pride in the MSc in Finance and Banking and am incredibly grateful for what it had given me. After graduation, in 2013, I came back to Azerbaijan and started working for the Azerbaijan Mortgage Fund under Central Bank of Azerbaijan as Dealer. My main operations were: construct risk models; construct an econometric model to forecast default rate and LGD for the mortgage loan portfolio; liquidity management and cash flow forecast. From March 2015, I am Credit Analyst (Corporate Banking Division) at the Pasha Bank OJSC in Baku. My main tasks are: assess, analyze, forecast and interpret corporate customers` financial information; prepare reports about the degree of risk in lending money to clients; evaluate the financial status of clients, submitting loan applications to loan committees for their approval."