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Carena Giorgia

Class of 2019/2020

Supplier Credit and Trade Intern at SACE


"After I completed the bachelor in BA and Economics, I wanted to challenge myself in a quantitative field. Hence, I chose the MSc in Finance and Banking. Since the very beginning we were put in a stimulating environment lead by great professors. Not only were we taught hardcore theory, but we were also introduced to the most relevant programming tools. We were also offered a big variety of extracurricular activities. I participated in the ENEL Challenge and in the CFA global competition. These experiences were an excellent form of career prep for me, as the work conditions and aims were very similar to those found in the real professional world.
Even when the pandemic crisis hit, the academic experience did not feel a single bit less interesting. Our coordinator and the academic staff still managed to make our experience engaging and I always felt involved.
Thanks to the structure of the study program and my dedication, I finished my exams 4 months before graduation. My plan was to enter the job market while finishing my thesis and, with a lot of effort, it happily worked out. I started an internship in SACE in Trade Finance in April 2021. I am supporting the Corporate Finance Division on the valuation of financial products and risk assessment, with a glance on Compliance and Due Diligence, for those Italian companies involved in worldwide exports.
I am confident that anyone joining this academic program in the future will enjoy it to the utmost!"