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Morrocchi Laura

Class of 2019/2020

Investment Consulting Intern at Allfunds Bank


"These two years at the Master of Science in Finance and Banking represented a turning point for both my personal growth and my professional career.
Given the strong quantitative focus of the course, I had the possibility to deepen my knowledge of the financial world and at the same time develop programming skills. This because the academic courses were not merely theoretical, as we were always challenged to put theory into practice through empirical studies, projects and team work.
In this logic, the Master offered us several extra activities and programs to further enhance our abilities and experience in the field: indeed, to make the most of this educational path, I took part in the Enel Challenge and the CFA global competition, I earned Refinitiv Certifications and I spent a semester abroad through the Erasmus+ program.
All these steps lead me to where I am today: an investment-consulting intern for Allfunds Bank, a leading company in the wealth-tech sector providing investment services to institutional clients. It distributes and offers access to the largest range of mutual funds and ETF globally.
I support the Italian investment consulting team in the creation of investment solutions, by constructing portfolio models, providing monitoring services, advising investment products (mutual funds, ETF, index funds etc.), developing documentation and working directly with clients."