Simulation and Exam scheduling

Monday 17 December 2018

Dear students,

on the course web page there is an easy simulation aimed at fostering your final review for the exam. Please, consider that its content does not necessarily reflect the difficulty of the exam or encompass all topics addressed during the course. The exam will take place tomorrow (december, 18th) at 9.00 in room p11. Bring your id card, libretto (booklet) and a calculator. The use of pencil is forbidden as well as using your own paper sheet. 

See you tomorrow.



Sandro Brunelli

materials for today class

Monday 10 December 2018

Dear students,

on the course webpage there is a file .zip named "conso I". Please download it before this afternoon. We will use it during class.

Thanks for your cooperation,


Sandro Brunelli

Tomorrow class timetable

Tuesday 27 November 2018

Dear students,

I would like to remind you that tomorrow class will start at 2pm in room p5.

Moreover, I wish you will be in the morning at 10am in "Sala del Consiglio" for taking part in the meeting organized with PWC. Also in this case feel free to bring your CV.

Kind Regards,


Sandro Brunelli

Materials availability II

Wednesday 14 November 2018

Dear students,

on the course website all new materials have been added.


Sandro Brunelli

Materials availability

Thursday 08 November 2018

Dear Students,

on the course web page there are two documents right now. You may find slides regarding course structure and introduction and the ones related to the first session. Tomorrow I will notice you about readings and books. Also in accordance to the needs of preliminary readings for some students without enough preliminary background in the reporting area.

Kind regards,


Sandro Brunelli

Lesson delay

Thursday 07 December 2017
Dear students, Because a sudden problem, today lesson will start at 10. Regards, Sandro Brunelli

Materials and next steps

Tuesday 05 December 2017

Dear students,

finally all the materials are available on the course web page. Remember that all that you find is required for the exam, except few cases where the file names indicate the contrary.

See you on thursady for the exam simulation and final considerations concerning the program.

Best regards


Sandro Brunelli

Financial Reporting - Exam date and room

Monday 08 June 2015

Dear students,

I have noticed that some problems exist to reserve the exam.

No worries, please come directly in the room that will be indicated in the faculty hall. The exam will take place at 3.00 pm (both, written and oral).

I am so sorrow for the drawback, Thank you for you cooperation.


Sandro Brunelli

Pre-exam: results

Sunday 31 May 2015

Dear students,

please take notice that the results of the pre-exam are available on the course website

Please remember to book the exam for the june 11th in order to register youf inal mark, to make the oral exam or to attempt again the entire exam.

Thank you for your kind cooperation.


Sandro Brunelli

Group Projects Results and news from training section

Monday 18 May 2015

Dear students,

the results of your groupworks are available on the course website. Besides, questions and exercises useful to prepare the pre-exam are just added in the training section.

Have a nice week and thank you for your kind cooperation.


Sandro Brunelli

New Materials

Thursday 23 April 2015

Dear students,

please take notice that on the course website all the materials related to the first lesson week are available.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Have a nice weekend!


Sandro Brunelli


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