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Updated A.Y. 2019-2020

Introduction to project management. Project Management standard. Introduction to the ISIPM knowledge model.

CONTEXTUAL KNOWLEDGE: Project, Project Management, Projects & Organizational Structure, Program & Portfolio Management, Project Governance, Project Management Processes (Initiating, Planning, Executing, Controlling and Closing), Project Context and Stakeholders, Project Life Cycle, Success Criteria, Project Strategies, Goals and Requirement, Project Manager, Project Management Maturity Model, Project Evaluation Criteria (NPV, IRR, PBP).


Initiating Processes: Develop Project Charter, Identify Stakeholder (stakeholder engagement matrix), Estabilish project team.

Planning Processes: Define scope, Create Work Breakdow Structure (WBS), Define Activities, Sequence activities, Estimate resources, Define project organizations (Organization Breakdown Structure and Responsibility Matrix), Estimate activity durations, Develop schedule (CPM and PERT methods, GANTT diagram), Estimate costs, Develop budget, Plan quality, Identify risks, Assess risks, Plan procurements (type of contracts), Plan communications, Develop project plans (optimizing methods: leveling, crashing, fast tracking).

Executing Processes: Direct project work, Manage stakeholders, Develop project teams, Treat risks, Perform quality assurance, Select suppliers, Distribute Information.

Controlling Processes: Control projec work, Control changes, Control scope, Control resources, Manage project team, Control schedule, Control costs (Earned Value method), Control risks, Perform quality control, Administer procurements, Manage communications

Closing Processes: Close phase or project, Collect lesson learned

BEHAVIORAL KNOWLEDGE: Communication, Leadership, Motivation and Results Oriented, Team working & team building, Negotiation, Conflict and crisis, Problem solving, Ethics. DISC method.