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The PhD aim is to allow students to gain a wide and high level knowledge, preparing them for placement in private companies, public institutions and academia

PhD students will have to analize theorical matters about Contracts, Services and Markets with a legal and economic perspective, both from a private and a public viewpoint, in order to understand the institutional and legal context of reference, with particular regard to economic theory of contracts and regulation of the enterprise, services and markets, with focus on public policies, taxation and governance.

The Program lasts three years.

The PhD students will have to attend seminary and lesson cycles during the three years; they will be required to carry out interdisciplinary teaching activities in collaboration with other PhD programs in the School of Economics; they will be able to take part in language courses organized by the University; they also can take part in IT courses organized by the Macroarea of Economics. They will be encouraged to conduct research abroad, participate in group research, as well as Call for Papers for national and international conferences.

Starting from the second year of PhD, a tutor will be appointed for each doctorate who follows him in the preparation of the final thesis.

The PhD ends with the presentation of a final thesis on one of the PhD topics and a discussion in front of a Commission.
Doctoral research will be continuously monitored by encouraging the presentation of research papers from the PhD students to seminars, conferences and workshops and publication in specialized legal journals.

The most valuable PhD students are invited to participate actively in research projects of international and national relevance promoted by the teachers of the College.