The Master of Science in Economics (LM-56) is a two year full-time program, taught entirely in English.  

The MSc in Economics is designed for students who wish to train as professional economists and pursue a career in economic research or in public policy at national and international institutions, universities and consultancy firms.
It has an excellent track record in enrolling students in Ph.D. programs in top European and US Universities, and it offers a whole set of new courses and opportunities for students interested also in more applied public policy.

The course program includes applied courses in development economics, health economics, labour economics, procurement and regulation, law and economics, public economics and public choice, beyond fundamental courses in microeconomics, game theory and incentives, macroeconomics and business cycle, econometrics, stata, matlab and time series.

The MSc in Economics is a program of scientific excellence. Its teachers are researchers with a long track record of publications in international journals in economics, mathematics and statistics, and a well-established international reputation (see individual webpages). According to the official 2013 Research Evaluation (VQR), the Department of Economics and Finance ranks 1st in Economics (over 52).

Economists want to make the world a better place.