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Student Testimonials

Fabrizio Core - Teacher Assistant at The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

After the bachelor degree at Tor Vergata I decided I wanted something that could have brought my closer to the world of research and Academia. This is why I chose the MSc in Economics taught in English. During the second year of the Master I decided I wanted to stay in an academic environment and I decided to apply for PhD programs around the world. Thanks to the advanced preparation of the Master and the excellent reference letters of the outstanding Professors in the program, I managed to get accepted in the PhD in Finance at The London School of Economics and Political Science. The department of Finance of the LSE is ranked among the best in the world for quality of research. The superior preparation  and the style of teaching in the MSc in Economics prepared me well for what was to come and greatly helped me in passing first years exams, achieving merit and distinction. In the end what made a difference for me it was the quality and depth of the teaching, the outstanding curricula of the Professors and their willingness to help me fulfilling my dreams. Also the diverse and international pool of students in the Master gave me the instruments to face the challenges of a leading international department as the one in which I am now. The MSc was a great experience and it was worth all the time I invested into it.

Benedetta Rovigatti - Global Category Analyst at Save the Children International

After graduating from Tor Vergata with a MSc in Economics, I worked in Procurement for UN-IFAD, Finance for Alitalia, consulting for Accenture, before joining Save the Children International at their headquarters in London, as a member of the organization’s Procurement team. I’m currently in charge of analysing Procurement data in order to define strategic sourcing initiatives, aimed at ensuring that Donors’ funds are used more effectively and efficiently. In each of my work experiences I applied the quantitative and programming skills I acquired during the Master. Although the MSc can be seen as a natural step toward a PhD or Academia, the course also provides excellent foundations for those interested in pursuing a career in the private sector. Studying and learning in english throughout the entire degree has helped me work in international environments both in the corporate and non-profit sectors. I strongly recommend the MSc as a great educational investment for your personal and professional growth.

Kevin Pallara - Ph.D. Student in Economics / Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant at HEC Lausanne

As Physics in the 20th century, Economics in the present century represents the Science in which wise and brilliant people should focus on to make the world a better place: this is the reason behind my choice to study Economics and it truthfully tells the extraordinary philosophy of the MSc in Economics at Tor Vergata. When I decided to enroll in the MSc in Economics, I knew that it was the only environment in which I could have pursued my objectives being aware that the Professors around me wanted me to succeed strenuously and they were keen to transmit their passion and love for research as well as their deep understanding of the complex economic links of our society. I grew in knowledge and confidence day by day thanks to the amazing lectures taught by remarkably smart and gifted Professors. During the second year of the MSc in Economics, I decided to apply for an internship in the Directorate General Economics at the European Central Bank (ECB) and I received a formal offer well before the end of the Master. I am currently employed for the ECB in Frankfurt Am Main and I also received an extension offer. Thus, it is needless to say that without the MSc in Economics I could have not gone that far.
“Always  make your ambition outweigh your fear of failure”

Egon Tripodi - PhD researcher in Economics at the European University Institute

I am currently a PhD researcher at the European University Institute, and let me say how much people here consider Tor Vergata as having a greatly respectable faculty as well as one of the few strong master programs in Economics of the country that prepare students well for doing research in both academic and institutional environments. I remember my days there as tough, long, and greatly inspiring. As highly determined as I was in doing well and working long hours if necessary, two years in that program went by so fast and learned so much. I was one of the 'early birds' graduating in July 2014, and could even take some time away from my studies, before starting the PhD in September, to work as an intern for an NGO in Shenzhen, China in the business of Corporate Social Responsibility and Education. The time spent in People's Republic of China introduced me to the amazing culture of this country and even more narrowly to their unique way of doing business. During the second year I have also been working with the director of the program (at the time, Stefano Herzel) and the program assistant (Valentina Vaiuso), and one of my tasks was to track our students' success in and out of the program: all I can say is that motivated students always found their way into the 'wild' out there and supervisors' e_ort in personally advising their students was always extraordinary and commensurate to the student's diligence.
Go on campus, talk to some of the very friendly professors there who teach in the program if necessary, before deciding where to take your master; this MSc in Economics will give you a fantastic and unique learning experience while opening a big door to a world of possibilities.

Valeria Cipollone - Policy Officer at Office of the Minister of Economy and Finance

After my graduation in Economics in 2012, I merged my passion for Economics and Journalism. I took a short course in journalism and international issues at the Basso Foundation and then interned at the Vatican Radio and at Limes, the Italian Review of Geopolitics. Then I moved for an international experience. As a winner of the Leonardo scholarship, I have been research intern at Bruegel, a Brussels based think-tank which works on European economic policies. I worked on a project investigating possible scenarios for the future of Manufacturing and I co-signed the chapter on Energy effectiveness. Bruegel has offered me an unexpected bridge to come back to Italy, where I had the unique chance to work in the Prime Minister’s Office, as an advisor to the PM counsellor on EU affairs. I currently work in the office of the Italian Minister of Economy and Finance. It is an incredible opportunity to see how economic policy is designed and implemented at a national level. I still feed my journalistic attitude, writing op-eds for “Il Fatto Quotidiano”. 

Fabrizio Valenti - Staff Researcher and Consultant at KSAR & Associates

The Master of Science in Economics gave me the analytical and quantitative background I needed to complete successfully a PhD in Economics, which I obtained with a thesis on volatility and growth from the University of Rome Tor Vergata. Throughout my career as an international development professional, I had the chance to put the skills I acquired during this program in practice. First, as a researcher in Bangladesh, where I analyzed working conditions in the garment sector for a local NGO, and then in Indonesia where I worked for two years as a technical advisor on sustainable development for UNDP. Given my academic background, I provided research and analytical support, interpreted data, statistics, and socio-economic indicators, and translated these inputs into concrete policy actions. Additionally, I provided assistance in evaluating performance, enriching reports, and communicating results to donors and other stakeholders. Currently I am employed by Save the Children in Sierra Leone and working as a Policy and Information Management Advisor at the Ministry of Social, Gender, and Children Affair. The Master of Science in Economics at the University of Rome Tor Vergata can open the doors to many careers, and I would recommend it to all students wishing to expand their knowledge through a challenging, yet rewarding, program.

Marco Di Rella - Product Development Senior Specialist at IGT

After the Master of Science in Economics, I started to work for IGT (formerly GTECH) as a sport betting trader. The topics covered by the Master’s degree allowed me to easily understand the dynamics of the betting markets. The job in IGT consisted in statistical analysis and risk management. After a year of experience, I decided to learn more about other different markets and I moved to an US economic consulting firm: The Brattle Group. I am now a Research Analyst and I work in so many different kinds of projects from transportation to energy sector. I would recommend the Master of Science in Economics to everyone who wants to start a challenging career in economic consulting firms or international companies. If I could go back in time, I would surely choose to attend it again.

Andrea Tulli - 5th Year PhD student at the University of Warwick

I was a Msc student in Tor Vergata who graduated in  July 2014. I have started the MRes (Phd)
programme in Warwick University straight after the master. I am currently completing the MRes and, hopefully, will be enrolled for the PhD from next year. The Master of Science has been a great experience for me, I had the chance to study for the first time the fundamental of Economics in a friendly, cooperative and qualified environment. Furthermore, I have met many students from all over the world, who shared their experiences, cultures and traditions with me. 
To conclude, if you are planning to apply for a PhD in Economics, the Msc in Tor Vergata should be in your "Do list". Cheers!

Andrea Martinangeli - Senior Research Fellow at Max Planck Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance

I always had a strong interest in human behaviours and sociality. I initially trained as a sociologist, and then graduated in Political Science in 2009 with a thesis in international economics (“The recent rise in global food prices. Developing or developed countries' responsibility?”). I then enrolled in the MSc in Economics in Tor Vergata, with the aim of acquiring the statistical, theoretical and analytical tools necessary to more formally study human behaviours. After I finished coursework, and before defending my thesis (“Exploring environmentally significant behaviours in a multidimensional perspective”), I worked as an intern at the United Nations-FAO, working on the development of the new interactive FAOSTAT platform. After I defended my thesis, and after a brief return to FAO, I left Italy to begin my PhD in Gothenburg, Sweden. My strong interest in behavioural sciences, in the environment, and in economics motivated my application to Gothenburg. The statistical and theoretical skills acquired during the MSc allowed me to directly delve into the core of what would then become my main research interests.
My current research combines cooperative behaviours and tacit coordination with inequality, power relations, group belonging and social conflict.