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GRE Reimbursement for First and Second Year Students

MSc. Economics has allocated 8 reimbursements of up to €180,00 each for students who are regularly enrolled in the 2019/2020 academic year in MSc. Economics and who have passed the GRE exam in the period between October 2019 and October 2020, achieving a score of 160 or higher on the quantitative section.

The reimbursement may be requested only once in the specified period. The reimbursements will be paid following the presentation, sent exclusively by email, of the GRE certification, which includes the candidate’s name and the score achieved. The chronological order of arrival of these requests will be used to determine which candidates will be taken into consideration. Only the first 8 candidates who achieve a score of at least 160 or higher on the quantitative section within the specific period of reference will be reimbursed.

*This is a translation of the Italian call for application. Its purpose is to provide information to foreign students, however it  has  no  legal  value. The only official and legally binding source is the original call for application in Italian.

Elvira Josefsson Winner
Matteo Machiorlatti Winner
Matteo Santi Winner
Lorenzo Maria Casale Winner
Riccardo Di Francesco Winner
TBA Winner
TBA Winner
TBA Winner