How to apply

Master of Science in Economics (LM-56) Academic Year 2019/2020 Call for Applications

The Master of Science (Laurea Magistrale) in Economics is a two-year program of advanced quantitative methods for economics, entirely taught in English and designed for students with high drive and potential, who wish to acquire the tools and knowledge to undertake advanced economic research.

To attend profitably the MSc in Economics it is necessary to have adequate knowledge of economic theory and quantitative analysis.

Provided applicants meet the necessary quality requirements, admission to the program is on a first-come, first-served basis. Since admission is selective, prospective candidates must apply online as soon as possible.

The student is asked to submit a complete online application package providing the Admission Board with fundamental information and allowing it to evaluate candidates basing on their proficiency, as well as on the potential for the further development of their skills.

It is essential to provide accurate information on your relevant academic achievements along with aspirations and motivations that could support your application. 

We recommend that you take your time when filling it in. It is extremely important that you manage the timing of your application carefully and submit a complete online application. The application form must be submitted in English. No paper applications will be accepted. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

General Info

Start date 2019/2020 Applications: December 3, 2018

Application link: https://economia.uniroma2.it/master-science/economics/application/login/

Application deadline: Non-EU students June 21, 2019; EU students August 19, 2019

Program begins: September 2, 2019

Enrollment deadline: November 8, 2019

Admission Requirements

To attend profitably the Master of Science in Economics it is necessary to have adequate knowledge of economic theory and quantitative analysis.

To be admitted it is necessary to hold an Italian undergraduate degree in one of the following degree classes:

ex D.M. 270/04:

  • L-33 Scienze economiche
  • L-18 Scienze dell'economia e della gestione aziendale
  • L-8 Ingegneria dell'informazione
  • L-41 Statistica
  • L-16 Scienze dell'amministrazione e dell'organizzazione
  • L-30 Scienze e tecnologia fisiche
  • L-35 Scienze matematiche

ex. D.M.509/99:

  • classe 28 (Scienze economiche)
  • classe17 (Scienze dell'economia e della gestione aziendale)
  • classe 9 (Ingegneria dell'informazione) 
  • classe 37 (Scienze statistiche)
  • classe 19 (Scienze dell'amministrazione)
  • classe 25 (Scienze e tecnologie fisiche)
  • classe 32 (Scienze matematiche)

and equivalent degrees.

For applicants who do not meet the entry requirements, the Admission Board will verify whether or not they hold the skills and
competencies needed such as an undergraduate university degree with a strong quantitative background on the basis of their curriculum vitae. If the Admission Board identifies such skills and competences as adequate, the applicant is admitted to evaluation.

For applicants who graduated from a non-Italian University, the Admission Board will ascertain the equivalence between the non-Italian and the Italian degree.

In any case, admission to the Master’s Degree in Economics is conditional to the assessment by an Admission Board, by means of the documents provided and according to the criteria specified below.

Candidates may apply even if they have not yet obtained a Bachelor’s degree. However, they will have to obtain their degree title, and have all the requested documents ready, in time for the final enrollment deadline (in November).

Application procedure

In order to apply please register here and follow the instructions. After registration, you will receive a confirmation email so you will be able to fill in the online form and upload the required documents. With your password, you may enter the system more than once to complete the uploading of your documents. Students are requested to use just one email address to apply that will be used for all the official communications.

Documents required to complete the application:

  • Transcript of records (in Italian or English) including a list of the completed exams and marks achieved during the undergraduate degree, as well as any postgraduate program. If you are not graduated yet, please indicate in the online application form the missing exams and the expected date of graduation.
  • Curriculum vitae (in .pdf format, in English). A brief but complete CV should highlight the most important steps of your academic and professional career. The Admission Board will evaluate the information included in the CV and verify the applicant's overall profile, experience and knowledge.
  • Cover Letter (in .pdf format, in English), strongly recommended but not mandatory. Please provide information on your motivation for the Master program, your extracurricular activities and your work experience. You should explain: why would you like to study in this Master program? How do you see your professional future? How will the program assist you in obtaining these goals?
  • Reference letter by your professor at the university or an employer in your company, recommended but not mandatory. You must insert in the online application the institutional email address of your referee who will receive a request for uploading the letter following the instructions in the automated reply. Tor Vergata University of Rome may contact the referee after receiving the reference letter for further information. Letters sent from personal e-mail addresses, e.g. name@yahoo.it, as well as reference letters sent in any other way that does not respect the mentioned procedure and requirements, will not be considered.
  • English proficiency certificate, recommended but not mandatory. You may choose to submit the certificate to supplement your application.
  • GRE or GMAT score, not mandatory. No standardized test scores are compulsory required, you can submit GRE or GMAT scores to supplement your application.


Selection and admission


The Admission Board will examine only complete and eligible candidacies. The admission decision is based on undergraduate grades (especially in relevant subjects), CV, reference letter written by a professor who have followed the applicant’s studies closely, personal statement and any other additional information supplied by the candidate.

Candidates will be notified by email of the Admission Board’s decision (Admission/Rejection) within one month after the application submission.

No admission fees are required for the selection procedure.


Successful candidates, once received the Acceptance Letter, must send an email to the Admissions Office for confirming if they intend to take part to the Master program.

Admitted Italian applicants who have studied in a Non-Italian University, once received the Acceptance Letter, must acquire the original Dichiarazione di Valore (Declaration of Value), which is the official document our Administration requires for the enrollment. Read more.

Non-EU students, once received the Acceptance Letter, have to complete a pre-enrollment procedure at the Italian Embassy/Consulate and then apply for a visa. Such procedure may take long, we encourage you to speed up with all the application and admission procedure. Read more about pre-enrolment procedure.

Admitted students are allowed to proceed with the enrollment only if they obtained the Bachelor Degree (Laurea Triennale).

Italian admitted students who have not yet obtained the Bachelor Degree (Laurea Triennale) are allowed to attend classes starting in September if they will graduate by the autumn session. Once graduated, they must enroll to our program within November 5, 2019.

All students have to be in Rome for the beginning of the program (September 2, 2019). The Admissions Office around July will provide detailed information (such as arrival, enrollment period, welcome meeting, courses schedule) to all students.

The official enrollment begins in early September and the deadline is November 8, 2019.
Students who complete their bachelor degree between September and November must attend lectures from September 2 and are allowed to enroll after their graduation date, but not later than the enrollment deadline. The enrollment deadline is valid only for students who have applied within application deadlines and who have been admitted. Read more about enrollment procedure


For further information consult the FAQs or contact the Admissions Office