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Get your second degree at the University of Gothenburg

Every year our first year students have the possibility to apply to the international  program and the selected students will spend their second year at the University of Gothenburg.

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FAQ sheet for candidates from University of Rome Tor Vergata

What are the admission requirements for the Double Degree program?

Candidates must be officially enrolled at their home institution.
Candidates must have completed at least 60 ECTS at their home institution.

How many places are available?

A maximum of two students will be selected each academic year by the home institution.

How is the selection done?

Candidates will be selected on the basis of their GPA by the home institution.
Candidates must have completed at least 60 credits at their home institution.

Where do I pay tuition?

No tuition fee will be charged by the host university but students will be liable for all expenses including visa, travel, housing etc. Students will still have to pay all tuition fees at their home institution.

Do students receive fundings?

Selected students who complete the 60 ECTS by the end of the first year will receive financial support (€ 1500 each student) during the second year of study, conditioned on them completing the program. Furthermore, if they apply for an Erasmus scholarship, they will receive additional funds.

Which university rule will apply when I am abroad studying at the host institution?

Students will follow all the rules of the host institutions. They cannot for example reject marks or retake exams as many times as they wish! 

Where can I find information about the program of study?

Students can find course schedules by connecting to the Gothenburg University website. At the following link you can enter the name of the course and find the course program:

Which courses can I take?

Each semester is divided 4 periods at Gothenburg University. The courses give 7,5 credits, which is defined as 5 weeks of full time work. The course are mostly full speed.

In your second year you can take the following courses:






3 1 Health Economics*** 7.5
  2 Advanced Environmental and Resource Economics 7.5
  3-4 Economic Research Process 7.5
  3-4 Applied Econometrics 7.5
4   Thesis 30

Common alternative courses:

***Corporate Finance

Also other alternative courses are available and may be substituted for non-core courses. Find more detailed information about the courses within the programme by visiting the learning platform GUL

How will my dissertation be supervised?

Provided a student has completed all courses, obtained enough credits, received a passing grade on his/her thesis and on his/her oral defense in English, and has met all additional requirements of both institutions according to this Double Degree programme, he/she will be awarded the corresponding Master Degree from each institution according this agreement. Each Double Degree students (All Double Degree students) will be assigned a faculty member from the host institution as a mentor.

The final thesis of the students participating to the programme maybe defended at the home institution, host institution, or both. The joint commission will propose the final grade to be assigned to the students who completed all the requirements for the Double Degree by taking into account the grades reported in the exams and the thesis.

How marks are converted?



30 e lode 90-100 A
30 85-89 B
29 80-84
28 75-79 C
27 70-74
26 68-69
25 66-67
24 65 D
23 64
22 63
21 62 E
20 61
19 60