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Aggiornato A.A. 2016-2017

Aggiornato A.A. 2016-2017

Prof. Aggr. Simonetta Pattuglia

twitter name: @SPattuglia

Teaching Assistant Sara Amoroso amoroso@economia.uniroma2.it 



The objective of the Course is to introduce the students to the key marketing concepts to enable them develop, implement and evaluate effective marketing strategies in complex business environments.
The marketing management process is important at all levels of the organization, regardless of the title applied to the activity.
The Course will provide the participants with a systematic framework for understanding marketing management process and analyzing diverse marketing situations in order to assess the most suitable marketing strategy through critical thinking.
Digitalization and connectivity, advances in telecomms and transportation, the emergence of new customer segments, fastening globalization, etc. have created a new economy where the market place as well as the way of doing business has transformed.
Those radical changes boosting competition pose great challenges to all enterprises. Therefore, the companies are forced to find new ways to achieve marketing excellence.
However, although the risks and competition have escalated, the opportunities to deliver superior value to customer also are emerging in many ways. Hence, the role of marketing is becoming even more crucial for the success of every enterprise.
Furthermore, the increasing competition made it evident that marketing is no more a departmental function but a company-wide undertaking. To be successful in the new market place all the departments of the company should work in coordination with the objective of providing superior value to customers. The challenge to become market-driven is obvious in almost every sector for all the companies regardless of the geographical area that they are operating in.


The Course will concentrate on the introduction of the three typical areas of the marketing process (analytical, strategical and marketing mix) putting an emphasis on the changing marketing environment, on communication and digital strategies and platforms.
The importance of marketing research and the marketing intelligence systems will be discussed. Furthermore, the marketing concept, strategic planning, consumer behavior, segmentation, targeting and positioning, the marketing mix, communication, media and branding are among the main topics to be covered.
The competitive strategies and new trends in marketing will be also discussed.
Course content will involve lecture, discussions, case analysis and presentations. 

The power point slides of the chapters, the case studies and presentations will be uploaded at the end of each lecture. Some specific articles may be provided and uploaded in the Teacher’s website.
The Course grade will be based on a total of 30 points.
The exam includes a written test (multiple choice questions, 27 questions) and a project work (+/-3 points).

Kotler, Keller “Marketing Management”, 2016, 15th Edition, Pearson
Chapters: 1-2-3-4-5-6-8-9-10-16-17-18-19-20-21.
The topic “communication”, “new media” and “branding” will be mainly based on the Teacher’s presentations.

Wednesday 17.00-19.00
Other meetings can also be set upon appointment sending an email to pattuglia@economia.uniroma2.it or amoroso@economia.uniroma2.it (teaching assistant)