Best Paper Award al 7th International Research Symposium - SGBED

Simonetta Pattuglia e Sara Amoroso vincono il Best Paper Award allo SGBED di Dubai, tenutosi dal 17 al 19 Dicembre 2018.

Complimenti al Direttore del Master Simonetta Pattuglia e alla Program Manager Sara Amoroso, vincitrici con il paper "Organizing the marketing actions around premium price in technological brands. The case of Apple" del Best Paper Award 2018 nella settima edizione dell'International Research Symposium - SGBED dal tema  "Managing Business on a Digital Age: Opportunities and Challenges"

L'abstract del paper:

The purpose of this study is to find out the behavioural differences of each generational cohort and to understand the effect on consumers’ willingness to pay a premium price and on brand loyalty in the case of technological brands. The research also aims to explore the impact on companies’ strategy and marketing processes. The study follows a quantitative research design and uses a survey as a tool to collect data.

The present work may enable firms to be more targeted in their approach to create competitive advantage and strong relationships with their audiences. Marketers and practitioners must recognize and take into consideration the differences across generational cohorts when developing their marketing strategy.