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Application procedure - A.Y. 2022/23

In order to apply, the candidates of the FIRST CALL (in the period between October 29th 2021 and November 29th 2021), candidates of the SECOND CALL (in the period between December 1st 2021 and February 14th 2022) and candidates of the THIRD CALL (in the period from February 16th 2022 and May 2nd 2022) must fill the online application, using the following procedure indicated below, from the DELPHI online services website:

  • Connect to the online Services Website:
  • SelectSTUDENT SECTION”, Sector 1> Select “Application to programmes taught in English a.y. 2022/2023”> a. “Start application procedures”> “Faculty of Economics”> Select “Global Governance”.
  • Fill in the application form by entering the required data and uploading the mandatory documents;
  • Once the application has been filled, the system will release the application form filled in a PDF format, and a payment slip with a CTRL code written in the last page.
  • Print the application form (to be stored and saved) and the 30,00 Euro payment slip for the contribution of participation in the selection.
  • Pay the participation fee that must be paid through the PagoPa system, a method that allows you to make payment through a variety of channels, physical or online.  Further information on how to pay can be found at the following link:


  • Connect again to the Delphi online service website at the following link: https://delphi.uniroma2.it/totem/jsp/index.jsp?language=EN , in order to validate the payment. A unique number will be given once the payment will be validated. (Click on “STUDENT SECTION”, sector 1 > “Application to programmes taught in English a.y. 2022/2023” > “You have already filled out an application”> enter Fiscal Code and CTRL> select “PagoPa Validation”).


  • In order to complete the procedure and participate in the selection, it is absolutely mandatory to pay and to validate the payment online within the deadline indicated;
  • After the validation, it will no longer be possible to make any changes.

The documentation object of the selection, to be uploaded in the application, is as the following:

  • Scanned pdf copy of the Passport or ID Card only for EU students;
  • Curriculum Vitae (pdf format) written in
  • transcript of grades obtained in the last entire attended school year;
  • High school Diploma (accompanied by a Statement of Comparability or Declaration of Value for foreign qualifications), only if achieved.

The candidate must provide a valid email address in order to receive communications regarding the selection procedure, as well as a Skype contact (only for students not residing in the Lazio region) necessary for the interview as per art. 4 of the present call for applications.

The payment of 30,00 Euro for the participation in the selection is NOT refundable.

The above-mentioned contribution should not be paid by:

  • Students with disabilities equal to or greater than 66% or with recognition of disability pursuant to art.3 paragraph 1 of Law February 5, 1992 n. 104 (the condition of disability must be indicated in the application for participation in the call).

These candidates, exempted from paying the contribution of participation in the selection, will still have to validate the payment slip of 0.00 euro using the CTRL and AUTH codes assigned automatically by the Delphi online service.


In accordance to D.P.R. 445/2000, any Italian citizen, any EU citizens and those NON-EU citizen legally resident in Italy may self-certify his/her personal qualities and information that can be verified or certified by Italian public entities (artt. 46 and 47 of the D.P.R. 445/2000).

The Tor Vergata University of Rome reserves the right to check the authenticity of the statements provided, under penalty of exclusion from the participation of the program.

All admitted students with a non-Italian High School Diploma (in accordance with art. 11 of the present call for applications), are required to provide, at the moment of the enrolling, the Statement of Comparability of the High School Diploma released by the CIMEA (which can be requested online at the following link: https://cimea.diplo-me.eu/torvergata/#/auth/login) or the Declaration of Value of the final title (obtained after at least 12 years of education) translated in Italian and authenticated by the Italian competent authorities (Consulate or Embassy) in the Country where the title has been obtained.


Evaluation Criteria and Results Communication

For all the three calls, the selection of candidates aims at verifying, on the basis of the evaluation of the documents submitted, the written test and on the basis of an oral interview, the adequate preparation of the candidate (as per art. 6, par. 1, of D.M. 270/2004).

In particular, to be admitted to the Course of Study in Global Governance, the candidate shall prove the required knowledge and aptitude for the Course disciplines, i.e.:

  1. The knowledge and the ability to argue with clarity and comprehensiveness about the main challenges posed by global phenomena;
  2. The knowledge and the ability to argue with clarity and comprehensiveness about the Global Governance training project, also in relation to the candidate’s personal development project.

Following the same procedure, English language knowledge and skills will be verified according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (entry level B2).

The evaluation is carried out on a scale of 100 total points, divided as follows:

  • Up to 20 points (evaluation of submitted documents): evaluation of the school curriculum and other experiences gained by the candidate to evaluate their predisposition for the disciplines of the Global Governance training project.

Students that have achieved a minimum score of 12/20 in the evaluation of the submitted documents shall be declared eligible for the written test and oral interview; students that have not achieved 12/20 will receive a rejection notification before the end of the selection period.

  • Up to 40 points (written test): During the written test the candidate will have to write in 45 minutes a short opinion paper - in English - on one of the three topics previously prepared by the Admission Committee - in which they need to discuss their point of view, referring to personal experiences and opinions. The three topics of the written test will be held in three separate sealed envelopes. The Admission Committee will identify a candidate that select one of the envelopes in which is enclosed the topic of the written test.
  • Up to 40 points (Oral Interview): During the interview, held in English, the Committee will evaluate the candidate's ability to understand and speak English, and the knowledge required by the Course, i.e. the knowledge and the ability to argue with clarity and comprehensiveness on the main challenges of global phenomena, as well as on the Global Governance project.

The results of the evaluation of the documentation, along with the notification of the date, time and place where the admitted candidates will take the written test and the oral interview, will be announced via email, at the email address provided in the application form.

The written test and oral interview will be held at the Tor Vergata University School of Economics (Via Columbia, 2).

For students who live outside Lazio or for requesting students residing in Lazio, the written test and oral interview will be conducted via video conference using Skype or Zoom software at the decision of the Commission. It is also the responsibility of the candidate to ensure the availability of the required hardware (PC, webcam, audio), software and reliable internet connection.

The candidate who will not guarantee a reliable video connection throughout the written and oral exam, or who do not show up by the deadlines set in the test calendar will be excluded from the final ranking list.


The oral interview cannot be repeated; therefore, the students who in the first or second call, have sustained the oral interview, but who have not been winners, can only improve the score related to the evaluation of the documentation and the written test, presenting a new application for selection in the second or third call, with additional experience gained in the period spent and any grades obtained in the last high school year attended (for students enrolled in the last year of Italian secondary school or in the last year of a non-Italian secondary school that provide  a qualification valid for admission at Italian universities).

The Admission Committee is appointed by the Rector on the proposal of the Coordinator of the Course, by his own decree. The officer in charge of the administrative procedures is Mr. Vincenzo Parisi, Head of the Students Secretariat of the School of Economics.


The ranking is drawn up in order of merit according to score, in accordance with art. 4.

Candidates with a score of 70/100 or above will be deemed eligible.

 The ranking list will be published on the website of the Course of Study (www.globalgovernance.it)     and on the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” website (https://web.uniroma2.it/en) by:



December  13th 2021

For the NON-EU citizens resident abroad and applying for a student visa.


January 31st 2022


For the EU citizens and NON-EU citizens legally resident in Italy.



28 February 2022


For the NON-EU citizens resident abroad and applying for a student visa.


April 11th 2022


For the EU citizens and NON-EU citizens legally resident in Italy.



May 16th 2022


For the NON-EU citizens resident abroad and applying for a student visa.


June 27th 2022


For the EU citizens and NON-EU citizens legally resident in Italy.


The publication of the ranking must be considered as an official communication of the results; no other forms of communication of the results are foreseen.


  • Admitted candidates must carry out all the preliminary enrollment fulfillments, under the terms and procedures described as per art. 7 below, otherwise they will be deemed to have withdrawn.
  • There is no ranking list scrolling for first and second call
  • Candidates not winner at the end of the first call or the second call of selection may participate to the following call by resubmitting the application as per the procedure and the indications in the articles 3 and 4
  • The ranking list scroll for the third selection round is possible only if there are still vacant places once the deadline for the preliminary enrollment fulfillments of the winner students (as per art. 7 below) has expired.

The vacant places will be assigned to the eligible candidates immediately in the next position of the ranking.