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The city of Rome and the University of Tor Vergata are ideal environments for innovative interdisciplinary studies. Rome is the capital city of Italy in which many national institutions and international organizations are based (among others FAO and IFAD).With almost 3 million population, Rome also welcomes tens of millions of tourists every year; indeed it is considered one of the top Europe’s tourist destinations. Above all, Rome will offer you numerous opportunities to immerse yourself in Italian life and culture. A formative experience not only in the University but also in your spare time. Rome has managed to preserve some of the greatest works of art and architecture of its time. You can visit the ancient Roman ruins, monuments, cathedrals, and museums.

Furthermore, you can take advantage of a wide library system. For example, the National Central Library possesses more than 6 millions of volumes and booklets; there are also several ancient libraries (among others Biblioteca Valicelliana and Biblioteca Angelica) where students can freely access.Global Governance organizes several activities and events at institutions and buildings located in the heart of the city. Moreover, the University offers tailored courses for foreign students on Roman art and architecture.

The University of Rome Tor Vergata was born in 1982 and consists of 6 Schools which offer about 300 courses among Bachelors of Arts, Masters of Science, Postgraduate Masters and PhDs. Enrolled students are about 31,000, out of which 1,500 are foreigners. Many of them are accommodated at Campus X. The B.A. in Global Governance takes place at the School of Economics, in Via Columbia 2, inside the Campus of Tor Vergata at about 15 minutes by bus from the Anagnina Metro A stop.