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Giancotti Fernando

Lieutenant General, Italian Air Force- President of the Centre for Defense Higher Studies (CASD)

Lt.Gen. Giancotti is today the President of the Centre for Defence Higher Studies the  

He is a pilot with over 2800 flying hours, mainly on F-104’s and Tornados.

He has been flight, squadron and wing commander and has had extensive staff experience (operations and training, policy, doctrine and general planning, personnel policies).

His last assignments have been: Commander of the Italian Air Force Operational Forces Command, Chief of the Organization and Personnel Division in the Italian Air Staff, Defense Attaché by the Italian Embassy in Berlin, Commander of the Air Force Academy, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Air Force and Commander of the Air Education and Training Command of the Italian Air Force.

His education includes several long courses both in Italy and the United States, two BS at the University of Naples and the University of Trieste; a Master Degree in Strategic Studies at the Air War College, Maxwell AFB, AL (1999).

In 2006 he graduated as the top student of the Industrial College of the Armed Forces 2006 master’s degree program, National Defense University, Washington DC. His research on reserve forces won the United States Army Association Award for Research Excellence, while his other research, co-authored with Col. Shaharabani, won the Top Award of the National Defense University. He is the author of many articles published in defense and management magazines, two books, essays about leadership published also in the U.S.. He has contributed a chapter to the book “Project and Complexity,Taylor and Francis, 2012”, and his book "Leadership agile nella complessità" (Guerini, Milan) is still today on the market.

He has an excellent knowledge of the English language and a good knowledge of the German language.