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Sotis Ilaria Maria

Vice-Director Radio1 RAI

Ilaria Maria Sotis was born in Rome on January 7th 1966. She studied at Lycèe Chateaubriand and after that took the Degree on Political Science at the University of Rome La Sapienza.
Sotis began to start working as journalist in several newspapers, such as:“Il Giornale di Napoli”, “Paese Sera”, “Il Mattino”; and she had also collaborations with “Rinascita” and “L’Espresso”.
Since 1989 she was hired in Rai (Gr3, Tg3, Rai2) and on 1999 she worked for Rainews 24 and since 2001 Sotis took position inside the “Giornale Radio Rai”.
Starting from 2003 she had designed, developed and hosted several programs, such as: “Diverso da chi”, “La radio ne parla”, “Fuorigioco” and “Vivavoce").
She has been the editor in chief and host of Radio1 in Vivavoce.