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PATTIYA PAVULAGE DON Masha Paramee Weeraratne

Sri Lanka

Hello everyone! My name is Masha and I am 20 years old. I was born in Italy but I grew ip in a beautiful little island called Sri Lanka. I have always dreamt of coming back to Italy at least for my higher studies. And I think having one foot in Italy and one in Sri Lanka is one reason why I got interested in studying the cultural difference of different countries. And that is why I chose Global Governance because I knew that it will be a perfect fit for me. 
Apart from all of this I am really passionate about photography, music and specially art. I love to be in different countries with people with different mindsets. And I know that GG can give me the confidence and the opportunities I am hoping for. I am really looking forward for my next three years which will definitely  be a life changing experience for me.