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Hello everyone! 
I’m Bianca, I was born on 4th October 2002 and I live in Rome.
I’m curious, ambitious and I don’t let challenges turn me down. 
One of my greatest passions is travelling, if I could I’d be on a journey everyday!
This and the love I have for studying languages are the reasons why I’ve always known I would have worked in an international environment someday.
But what actually led me to this course has been participating in the MUN project, especially in New York. My high school (Liceo Visconti) proposed it and now I could not be any happier about deciding to take part in it. It showed me how I want my life to be: working with other people as a team to find solutions to global issues and help every human being in the world.
I know that GG is the perfect opportunity to start my journey in the world!