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Hello! My name is Gaia Perleonardi, I'm 19 years old and I come from Rome. I usually come across as a straightforward and extroverted person so I really hope I get to know as many people with different cultural backgrounds as possible. One of my greatest interests and passions is to study and discover new aspects of the oriental cultures, especially the Japanese one. I also love to go to the theatre to watch ballets of classical repertoire, because I did ballet for a long period of my life and it still continues to excite me like nothing else, so if you are interested we could go together. During High School I did not get the chance to travel abroad or to do any kind of volunteering experience, therefore I am looking forward to do them during these three years at Global Governance. Besides, I can’t wait to start working on global issues, which became something extremely important for me, especially during this past year.
See you in September!