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Hi everyone! 
I’m Selma, an 18 years old girl who just graduated from a linguistic high school here in Rome.
If we had a conversation and you’d start talking about literature, philosophy, art, history, or the importance of respecting human rights I’d begin loving you to the moon and back without any doubt!!!
I have Moroccan origins and I’m a proud Muslim teenager open to making anyone curious discover unknown aspects regarding my beautiful religion.
Since I was a child my parents nourished me with love and respect for all cultures, traditions, and faiths!!
The latter aspect made me consequently discover not only my affection for foreign languages but above all my biggest passion: traveling around the world and getting in contact with fascinating Diversity; by  “traveling” I also simply mean watching wonderful documentaries on my laptop and letting my mind flow through the various details that characterize our world.
In this sense, I look forward to starting my new GG journey together with my new classmates because I’m sure that it is an adventure that will give me the chance to broaden my horizons thanks to this course’s internationalism but above all, it will help me in strenghtening my didactic roots to be able to find solutions to the current global phenomena as well as break down social injustices, in other words, work hard and in cooperation to make this world a better place!!
I can’t wait to start this new chapter of my life!!