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My name is Samuel NIYONSABA ,and I was born and raised in the country of a thousand hills in the heart of Africa, Rwanda. My hobbies are playing football and swimming, as I like to spend my holidays enjoying beach soccer. I studied my  low primary school in our neighboring country, Democratic Republic of Congo, then continued to  upper level in Rwanda where also I studied secondary school in the branch of Literature and languages. After I finished secondary school, I revealed that I want to study something related to International relations because I consider myself as a world transformer not a world conformer. So when I heard about Global Governance, which has just a full package and more of what I was looking for, I knew that I had found the best place at the right time for me, and I'm convinced that I will achieve my goal to transform our world more beautifully than the past. I can’t wait to see what I’m going to become in the next three years as a Global Governance student.