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RIGA Giuseppe


My name is Giuseppe and I am 19 years old. 
I just graduated from Liceo Classico Francesco Vivona and I am looking  forward to begin this new adventure with my classmates! 
I believe that only together we can build a better world and I always try to give my best to contribute in order to reach this goal. 
I have always been passionate about politics, as a matter of fact I was the  Student's representative in my High school where I could construct my idea of school with my colleagues: an idea based on inclusivity, information, solidarity, equality and social responsibility. 
I’m very interested in human rights, for I practiced activism and volunteering. 
I like knowing new people different from me because we can enrich each other.
I hope that I will be able to grow up as GG student and my sensibility will allow me to make this world a better place for the our and future generations!