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Saudi Arabia

Passionate, that’s who I am in one word. My name is Renad, I am Saudi twenty-year-old who was lucky enough to grow up in a family involved in the field that later fulfilled my passion. My interest in Global Governance is based on how it makes me feel that I belong in it. Whenever I imagine my future career, I see myself working on something with huge impact that benefits the international community as a whole. Thus, I cannot wait to get all the knowledge and experiences through this program to be able to start achieving my goals one after the other. A social butterfly, that’s another word that defines me. I am usually here and there making friends and connections living my life to its fullest. I strongly believe it’s very important to have a good relationship with everyone as life is tasteless without a good company. Therefore, I am looking forward for the interesting Three years to come that’ll hopefully bring me better understanding of my major and more amazing people in my life.