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ISMAEL Alend Awar


Hello my name is Alend Hawar from Kurdistan region of iraq , I might be the only Kurdish-Iraqi student in Global Governance, which I am glad about , to share positivity of iraq (Kurdistan) to Italy, after I found my interests, found that I want to be more a leadership person, and to be more aware of what is happening around me I attended IYLEP (Iraqi Young Leader Exchange Program) which they take Iraqi students to USA for a month ... which they builds your leadership skills, teamwork and etc...
After my return to iraq I was more ambitious and wanted to do something, after finding Global Governance I found exactly what I was looking for, unique and one of a kind, which will help me to do something for my self and most importantly for the world in the future.
Plus studying in Rome will give me more opportunities to discover more about my self and my surroundings.
So proud that I have been accepted.