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Hey everyone! I’m Can ARI, I currently live in Ankara, Turkey. I was raised in a multicultural environment in my home country. Since I was three years old, I have studied in the French HighSchool in Turkey, which gave me the opportunity to easily speak languages other than my native language and also to learn about life in a wider perspective. I am by nature an active person with participation in various sports activities. To direct my energy in the right way, I have participated in many different types of sports. I also am a verified jazz drummer by the London College of Music. I would describe myself as a person with good interpersonal skills. I am a good listener with a great empathy towards others. I would like to widen my vision about the world by getting to know different cultures and societies. I wish to make best use of the knowledge and skills to be able to make up my own mind and develop to work for the global good and try to make a difference towards better lives for all. I also would like to learn more about Italian culture and daily life. I believe it is a similar culture to my hometown, being a mediterranean country. Finally, I have great ambition and want to make a positive impact. Im looking forward to meeting all of you ! :)