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FERRAZZI MariaGiovanna


Hi there! I’m MariaGiovanna and I’m 19. I live in Rome, a wonderful city that offers you so many opportunities: one of them is for sure the course of GG in Tor Vergata, which I found very peculiar and interesting. I love travelling and discovering new places: I’m also very curious by the way ! I’m a bit introverted but I chose this course to challenge myself on a daily basis and most of all, to meet new people and learn from them. In fact I would love exchanging opinions with other students, see their point of view and get to know their culture and their different stories. In my free time I like practicing sports, going to cinema, concerts and in general different types of events. I’ve always been interested by politics because I think that nowadays, more than ever, is essential knowing what happens around us and when it’s possibile doing something about that. I’m sure I won’t regret my choice and that Global Governance has a lot of things to teach me. I can’t wait to meet you all ! Bye for now :)