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My name is Myrzakanova Aiisha, I was born on July 12, 2004 in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. What qualities do I have? I have such qualities as attentiveness, responsiveness, responsibility, punctuality and positivity. But at the same time, I have qualities that I attribute to negative qualities, this is my perfectionism. Whatever it is, I love getting things done to perfection. While studying at the university, I noticed in myself the invariable qualities of an excellent student. I am now the same hardworking, responsible and serious student that I was before, during my school years. And the reason for this can be attributed to my membership in the Student Council. My hobbies include activities such as: hide and seek with my younger sisters, painting landscapes, reading books by John Tolkien, listening to music from Michael Jackson to Jungkook from BTS, watching movies by Peter Jackson and Chris Columbus. After all, in life you need to live to the fullest and create millions of unforgettable memories. I think life is beautiful this way!