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YILMAZ Zehranaz


Hello, it’s me Zehranaz. Socializing is one of my favorite activity since the elementary school. To achieve my passions i organized and attended different kinds of organizations. One of this organization was MUN also known as Model United Nationals, i also attended and organized those conferences. I also held role in 2 e-twinning Erasmus+ projects as social media director of those two projects and held mobility to Spain, hosted other students in my city. I like keeping myself busy, either with duties or hobbies. Some of my hobbies are swimming and writing. I used to swim in my previous school’s team. I still do write and publish my writing on online or physically on collaborative books. I love discovering new cultures and learning new languages since i see every new language as a new perspective. I am looking forward to take a huge step through my passions. See you all soon:))