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Heyy, My name is Lara Toma. I’m from Istanbul,Turkey. I’m 18. Really excited to meet all of you guys throughout the year and embrace different cultures. Although I seem a little cold from the outside when you get to know me I’m sure we will have the funnest time ever. One of my biggest quality is being confident in general. It shows in my work, passion, and basically all the other subjects.Traveling is one of my biggest passions. Coming to Rome was one of my biggest goals in life, it is time for my other goals. I choose Global Governance due the lack of implementations of international and natural human rights. I hope to become a lawyer one day and it starts with understanding the policies and international matters. With the welcoming environment in Tor Vergata I am really excited for this new adventure. Hope to see you guys on the 31st. If you are reading this feel free to contact me.