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Romano Angela

University of Glasgow

Angela Romano (PhD in International History) is Lecturer of International Political Economy in the School of Social & Political Sciences at the University of Glasgow. Previously she was Senior Research Fellow at the European University Institute (EUI), where she co-ran the ERC-funded project PanEur1970s (2015-2020) that she had also helped to conceive. She had prior been Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow at LSE International History Department (2011-2013), and Jean Monnet Fellow at the EUI (2009-10). An international historian of 20th Century, her main research interests include the Cold War, the variety of regional integration and cooperation processes, and international economic relations. She has published extensively on these subjects and has been invited to present her research in numerous conferences and seminars in Europe, Russia, the United States, and Japan.
Contact: angela.romano@eui.eu