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Chiarini Bruno

“Parthenope” University of Naples

He studied at the University of Rome, La Sapienza, the University of Manchester (M.A) and the University of Southampton (Ph.D). He was a visiting scholar several times at Columbia University in New York (School of Business and Economic Department) and participated as a member of the Coase-Sandor Institute for Law and Economics in Chicago. Current position: Full Professor of  Economics, Department of Economics and Legal Studies, University of  Napoli, Parthenope.
He taught at the University of Molise, Campobasso (Italy); University of Rome, “La Sapienza”, and University of Napoli, “Parthenope”. Since 2001 he is Full Professor, Economics, (Political Economy) University of Napoli, “Parthenope”; Advisor to the Italian Labour Ministry and Italian Budget Ministry; Advisor at NARS-CIPE (a regulatory agency in public utilities’ services) at the Economics Ministry; National Coordinator of Research Projects of National Interest MIUR (PRIN 2006 and 2008); Chief Editor of Open Economic Journal; Member of the working group on “the Informal Economy in Italy" chaired by Enrico Giovannini at the Ministry of Economy; Consultant at SOSE (Society for Sector Studies, now Company for Economic Services); Consultant for Studiare e Sviluppo (Studying & Development) at the Finance Department of the Ministry of Economy.
Current teachings: Strategic analysis for economic policy: Introduction to Game Theory at the University of Naples Parthenope. Industrial Economy and Strategic Behaviour, at the University of  Rome, Tor Vergata.
Current Research Interest: Econometric Analysis and Economic Modelling; Stochastic Dynamic General Equilibrium Models; Fiscal policy: Tax evasion and underground economy; Applied Game Theory.