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Maglione Mattia

John Cabot University

Born in Rome, and raised between Rome and San Diego (CA), Prof. Maglione’s main research interests are children’s literature, combinatory literature, essay theory, jazz music and cultural theory. He has dedicated specific attention to Lewis Carroll’s Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1865) and Sylvie and Bruno (1889), working with Dr. Jane S. Carroll, at Trinity College Dublin, on the concepts of geometrical space, and the production of it, in these novels. He has also explored the topics of food, material culture and consumption in the ‘Golden Age’ of children's literature (1865-1926), with specific attention to the role of objects in late Victorian literature. Passionate about nonsense poetry, Prof. Maglione has also written on the genre of nonsense as ideological escapism, focusing on Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear. Paralleling his children’s literature research, Prof. Maglione has been working on the popularization of combinatory literature and, separately, on developing effective strategies for teaching graduate and undergraduate essay writing.

He has also worked on the Italian translation of Oliver Twist for Mattioli (2023) and has written the glossary section of Italian translation of Dickens’ The Pickwick Papers (2022) for Mattioli as well.

Prof. Maglione’s classes are taught in the form of seminars, open lectures and open discussion sessions, with the goal of encouraging critical thinking and argumentation. He teaches public speaking, essay writing and theory courses and business com courses regularly at John Cabot University and at the American University of Rome. At Tor Vergata, prof. Maglione teaches the first semester course How to Write and Develop an Academic Paper on the Global Governance BA.