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Borgia Fiammetta

University of Rome tor Vergata

Fiammetta Borgia, Ph.D. in International law, is currently Lecturer of International law at the University of Rome "Tor Vergata” and at European University of Rome, where she teaches International Economic Law. She also teach Law of the Sea and European Union Law at Italian military academy.
She is also a lawyer in Rome, practicing corporate and international law. In the past, she was a legal expert for many European and international cooperation projects from 2002. Her main research interests are public international law, law of the sea, human rights and international economic law, with a particular focus on multinational corporations, corporate social responsibility and soft law.
She wrote two monographs: the first on corporate social responsibility of multinational corporations and the other on the legal regime of Arctic Region. She is also author of various articles on public international law, human rights, international economic law, international private law and law of the sea.

Contact: fiammetta.borgia@uniroma2.it