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MATLAB Certification

Certified MATLAB Associate at Tor Vergata University of Rome

Thanks to an agreement with MathWorks, our students will have the opportunity to obtain the MATLAB Certification at Associate level by taking the test at Tor Vergata University of Rome.

MATLAB Associate Level Certification 2023/2024 AY

The MATLAB Associate Level certification exam can now be taken online.

Students interested in achieving the certification should follow the online MATLAB Fundamentals course which is included in the Tor Vergata Campus License http://docs.ccd.uniroma2.it/matlab/. When students are ready to take the exam, they will be required to create a Kryterion account MathWorks Certification Program (webassessor.com), choose an available exam date and pay the exam fee of €122,00.

Information about the exam structure can be found here.

MSc Finance and Banking will reimburse the first twenty regularly enrolled students who send the request form, privacy policy disclosure statement and their MATLAB Associate Level certification to msc_finance@economia.uniroma2.it by 15 June 2024 for certification achieved by 1 June 2024. The call for applications is available in Italian and English.

2023/2024 REGISTRATIONS OPEN  -  20 certification reimbursements available