Ricevimento studenti settimana 24-28 Giugno - Office hours for the next week (24th - 28th June)

Monday 17 June 2019

Nella settimana tra il 24 e il 28 Giugno non si svolgerà il ricevimento studenti ed è previsto un orario di ricevimento straordinario per venerdì 21 dalle 13.00 alle 14.00. Il docente rimane comunque sempre reperibile via e-mail.

Gianluca Mattarocci


Office hours will not take place during the week June 24th - 28th. An additional office hour is scheduled for next friday (June 21st) from 13.00 to 14.00. I am also available by mail if necessary.

Gianluca Mattarocci

Ricevimento studenti 10 Giugno - Office hours June 10th

Friday 07 June 2019

Caro studente / cara studentessa,

le comunico che il ricevimento studenti previsto per lunedì 10 Giugno si svolgerà dalle ore 11.00 alle 12.00.

Gianluca Mattarocci


Dear Student,

on June 10th, office hours will be scheduled from 11.00 to 12.00. 

Gianluca Mattarocci

Corporate Finance - Summer session 1st call

Tuesday 04 June 2019

Dear Student,

results of the written test made today are the following:

Matricola Written test + Group points
254494 25
256125 22
259100 30 cum laude
259201 29
266897 24
266917 24
270744 Failed
272791 18
273571 22
273572 Failed
273573 18
274106 24
274952 18

Please remind that those of you that obtained a positive mark (higher than 18) have to register the exam today, otherwise the grade will be cancelled.

The oral test is scheduled at 15.00.

Gianluca Mattarocci 

Corporate Finance Exam June 4th - Booking deadline scheduled for May 30th

Monday 27 May 2019

Dear Student,

I wish to remind you that on May 30th the booking procedure for the first call for the summer session (June 4th) will be closed.

Please remember that the booking procedure is compulsory and not registred students will be not allowed to make the Corporate Finance exam.

Gianluca Mattarocci

Ricevimento studenti settimana 27-31 Maggio - Office hours for the next week (27th - 31st May)

Wednesday 22 May 2019

Caro Studente / Cara Studentessa,

le comunico che la prossima settimana non si svolgerà il ricevimento previsto per lunedì pomeriggio. Nella settimana saranno previsti i seguenti orari di ricevimento:

- Martedì 28 Maggio 2019 - Ore 9.00-11.00

- Giovedì 30 Maggio 2019 - Ore 9.00-11.00

Gianluca Mattarocci


Dear Student,

next week no office hours will take place on Monday. The office hours for the next week are the following:

- Tuesday May 28th, 2019 - Time 9.00-11.00

- Thursday  May 30th, 2019 - Time 9.00-11.00

Gianluca Mattarocci

Ricevimento studenti 6 Maggio - Office hours May 6th

Saturday 04 May 2019

Il ricevimento studenti previsto per il 6 Maggio si svolgerà dalle ore 9.30 alle 10.30.

Gianluca Mattarocci


Next office hours are scheduled for May 6th from 9.30 to 10.30.

Gianluca Mattarocci

Pre-exam - Grades

Monday 08 April 2019

Corporate Finance

Identification number Overall Grade Group grade Final grade
26617 Failed 3 Failed
252350 25 3 28
253396 Failed 0 Failed
253437 Failed - Failed
254494 Failed 0 Failed
255145 Failed 0 Failed
256885 25 3 28
257043 18 2 20
258065 20 3 23
258955 23 2 25
259100 16 3 19
259263 28 3 30 cum laude
259301 26 3 29
266553 Failed 3 Failed
266921 18 2 20
270570 Failed 3 Failed
272037 Failed 2 Failed
272490 23 2 25
272718 Failed - Failed
272721 Failed 2 18
273571 Failed 3 Failed
273572 Failed 2 Failed
273573 Failed 2 Failed
273748 Failed 2 Failed
274106 16 2 19
276827 24 3 27
277199 27 3 30

The list includes also students that gave up during the excel or the open question test


Pre-exam - Student list

Friday 29 March 2019

The enrollment procedure for the pre-exam is closed. Students that are not in the list cannot make the pre-exam.


List of students enrolled for the pre-exam

Ahmed Amer 255145
Akkela Abdullah 266897
Arkhipov Nikita 276827
aryani sandra woro 272709
Boakye Kessie Emmanuela 258065
Camilli Riccardo 252350
Caprioli Claudio 266553
Cenciotti Francesco Nazareno 259100
Cerroni Laura 226940
Cham Momodou 272859
Ciner Ulker 254494
D’Ariano Giammarco 273248
Dang Ngoc Thao 274106
Di Rosa Michele 273310
Falzi Simone 272490
Farbo Maila 258955
Floris Valerio 226965
Gabulov Mayis 272037
Golino Massimo 259162
Gómez López Alba 277199
Hindupur Vijay Simha 271177
Khani Sina 270570
Koudagani Uday Chand 273572
Koyun Nilsu 253396
L T 228867
Lama Giuseppe Enrico 259263
Landa Sánchez Isiah Luis 26617
Luparelli Paolo 259301
Mammadli Ismayıl 272721
Marmo Andrea 256885
Nardacci Lorenzo 266495
Orujzade Fidan 248623
Sağlam Görkem 266921
Salbarova Kyial 272300
Shetty Shaviraj 272870
Simushi Inonge 257043
Suleymanov Nihad 272718
Sun YIfei 268450
Takovski Ognen 253437
Tleugabylova Dana 273785
Tranquilli Chiara 268737
Vitelli Federica 267803
Yadamari Sneha Sandhya 273748
Wang Yujie 258565


Trading game

Thursday 28 March 2019

Dear Student,

yesterday I found that there was a mistake in the performance of the third trading period. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The current ranking of the third trading period is correct and definitive.

Gianluca Mattarocci

Pre-Exam - Deadline reminder

Tuesday 26 March 2019

Dear Student,

I wish to remind you that the pre-exam is scheduled for April 1st from 9.00 a.m.. The meeting point will be Room S2 (2nd floor of the teaching building).

Remember that in order to attend to the test, you need to book by using the following link:


The registration deadline is March 28th and no late registration will be accepted. The final list of students booked for the pre-exam will be published on-line on March 29th.

Gianluca Mattarocci

Next lecture

Monday 04 March 2019

Dear Student,


I wish to remind you that tomorrow there is no lecture scheduled and the next lecture will be on wednesday




Remeber that tomorrow is the first trading day for the assignment.


Gianluca Mattarocci

Assignment Group structure

Sunday 03 March 2019

Dear Student,

The final list of the groups' members is available at the "exam rules" webpage.

Please check that all the data are correct and if your group is not in the list please forward me the e-mail you sent me before the deadline (March 1st).

On Moday the website for the assignment will be online and during the next lecture I will explain you the assignment rules and the evaluation criteria.

Gianluca Mattarocci

Assignment Group structure

Monday 25 February 2019

Dear Student,

I wish to remeber you that the deadline for submitting the group structure is March 1st (23.59).

The group has to include 3-4 members.

The updated list of groups is available at the following link:


No late submissions will be taken into account.

Gianluca Mattarocci


Tuesday 19 February 2019

Dear Student,

the date for the final test is April 1st from 9.00 a.m..

Remember that in order to attend to the test you need to book by using the following link


The registration will be closed by March 28th.

Gianluca Mattarocci

Corporate Finance - a.y. 2018-2019

Saturday 16 February 2019

The website is updated with the program and the new materials related to current academic year.

The first lesson will be scheduled for February 18th.

Starting from the current academic year the course will use the EIDUCO platform


The codes for registering to the platform will be provided at the beginning of the course.

All students are kindly requested to subscribe the newsletter of the course. Only registred students wll receive updates about the assigments.

Gianluca Mattarocci