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First-year courses

During the initial academic year, the program offers comprehensive instruction in Mathematical Methods, Econometrics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, and Finance, totaling 300 hours (60 credits). 

Attendance for core courses is mandatory. Nevertheless, students have the opportunity to request an exemption from any course, provided they present a compelling justification, as long as they fulfill the requisite 240 hours of coursework within the academic year (equivalent to 40 credits).

In addition to the core courses, optional crash courses in Mathematics and Statistics are available for students who need to strengthen their background knowledge (no credits are assigned to crash courses).

Second-year courses

In addition to the mandatory courses, students are required to enroll in elective courses for at least 120 hours (equivalent to 20 credits).

These elective courses should be completed by the end of the second academic year or, with a valid justification, no later than the end of the third year. Students can also earn credits through participation in reading groups. Additionally, some elective courses can be attended at both EIEF and LUISS.

Students are expected to submit a proposed plan of study by mid-March of their first year.

Courses by Visiting Professors

Short-term visiting professors bring expertise to our doctoral program, offering short courses and mentoring. Their diverse backgrounds inspire students and encourage collaboration, leaving a lasting impact on research and academic connections.