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Students engaged in the dissertation phase of the program are required to show evidence of progress by presenting their work in the PhD Forum. This Forum offers students the opportunity to receive comments and constructive criticism from the faculty and their peer. Each meeting consists of presentations by PhD students of each cycle. Students are required to make their first presentation at the end of the first year. This first presentation is intended to illustrate the research question addressed in the first essay of their PhD thesis, provide a critical review of the literature, and present at least some preliminary results. In general, a student may expect to make similar presentations for the other essays of the thesis in the following years.

Unless abroad for dissertation purposes, all students engaged in the dissertation phase are required to present a PhD Lunch seminar once and to actively participate in at least one research seminar (either the DEF seminar, the Internal Seminar Series or the EIEF seminar or the LUISS seminar). The research seminars are intended to familiarize students with frontier research on a variety of topics.

Being in Rome you can take advantage also of the seminars organized by the Bank of Italy and by the Ministry of Economics and Finance.

In the academic year 2023/24 the Reading Group on Political Economy and Labour (team leader: Prof. Francesco Sobbrio) will run once every 2 or 3 weeks. Attendance is expected from the 2nd year onwards, and 1st year students are welcome to attend it when possible.

The schedule and instructions will be posted soon.